Aren’t you tired of seeing beauty products that are way too overpriced? From teeth whitening to anti-wrinkle cream, it seems like stores everywhere are trying to make us spend in the $20, $30 and sometimes even $40-$50 dollar range for products that we use every day. Yet, when you look closely, there are also tons of great beauty products that are actually really inexpensive! The ten items I gathered below are all products that either I use personally or ones that got excellent reviews. I love that every one of them is under $10, which shows that you can get great skin, hair and overall beauty without breaking the bank.

Great and Affordable Beauty Products

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Conair Round Brush

Conair Round Brush
The Price: $8.69
Why I Love It: Confession–I used to just blow-dry my hair at will without a care in the world or a beauty tool in hand. Once I figured out that round brushes were my friend (and not implements of torture), my hair now comes out with great volume. It just takes a few tries to get it right. I highly recommend it!