Aren’t you tired of seeing beauty products that are way too overpriced? From teeth whitening to anti-wrinkle cream, it seems like stores everywhere are trying to make us spend in the $20, $30 and sometimes even $40-$50 dollar range for products that we use every day. Yet, when you look closely, there are also tons of great beauty products that are actually really inexpensive! The ten items I gathered below are all products that either I use personally or ones that got excellent reviews. I love that every one of them is under $10, which shows that you can get great skin, hair and overall beauty without breaking the bank.

Great and Affordable Beauty Products

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Blum Naturals Cleansing Towelette

Blum Naturals Cleansing Towelette
The Price: $6.99
Why I Love It: When it comes to my skin, I really strive to find natural products. These are made with tea tree oil and are great for sensitive skin or for those who have acne. These are not made to be excellent eye makeup-remover sheets. They are simply for cleansing, so you might need to purchase another makeup-removal product in addition to these.