5 Great Kicks for the Beach

Whether you’re on a romantic honeymoon on some exotic island or soaking up the sun on the crowded beaches of Florida and Cali, there’s one thing we can all agree on: there’s nothing like a beach vacay. While most stylistas worry about their swimsuits and cover-ups, a surprising few pay attention to their beach footwear. Most don’t realize the importance of beach shoes until they’re trapped in the jam-packed shores with sand in their shoes and all out of footwear options.

That’s one awkward situation we don’t want you TBF readers to be in, so we’ve shared some great beach footwear tips for you this summer.

Beach Shoes 101

Leather shoes are definitely out of the question. Seawater is lethal stuff for them! It breaks the fibers down and eats away the materials. Salt stains are also known to be rather stubborn on leather; plus, these can really stink up your shoes.

Walking barefoot is a no-no. This is particularly true for public beaches, which may not have a set maintenence schedule like private/hotel beaches. And those pretty-looking shells? There’s nothing cute about scratched-up feet.

Look for shoes with a slip-on style. You want something fashionable to wear when shopping at the beachfront but which can also be removed in a heartbeat for spur-of-the-moment swims.

Don’t sacrifice comfort… You wouldn’t want to ruin an otherwise-terrific summer beach experience with a pair of ill-fitting beach shoes that cause more issues than it solves.

… and don’t sacrifice style. Beach sandals like Crocs have colorful, stylish lineups created especially for people who love being near the water. Don’t believe us? Check out our beach shoes picks under $50 below.

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Disclaimer: TBF has a paid partnership with Crocs and this post is part of series of posts under that agreement. Regardless, we’re in love with the new style of Crocs shoes and, yes, we’ve worn them on the beach. These words, every last one of them, are all ours and not Crocs’.

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