Yea or Nay: Grasshoppers Westwind Slip Ons, $24.99 at Fashion Bug

Here’s a secret…

I actually like these shoes.

I REALLY like these shoes.

Yeah, grasshoppers are considered “comfort shoes” and are usually worn by old school fashionistas, but there’s just something about this shoes that is actually kind of cute. Rather than subtracting from their coolness, the comfort factor adds extra cool points to the shoes. On the designer tip, these shoes resemble a pair of Marc Jacobs skimmers I saw in Bloomingdales for over $200 bucks a few weeks ago.

I would purchase the green or navy pair (if they had any size 11 left) and rock it with a pair of wide leg jeans and a white t-shirt. I would also wear it with a white cotton sundress.

I know and expect to receive some resistance on this pick. So, you know the drill, leave your comments below…

Yea or Nay: Grasshopper Westwind Slip Ons

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  1. nik says

    They’re cuter than crocs, and easier to dress up too.  Not really my style, but if I had to work on my feet, or wanted to walk around all day in something other than sneakers, these fit the bill.

  2. suz says

    Yes as long as you’re young enough that they don’t read as orthopedic. (The colors help a lot.) But then again I’m usually a fan of dorky and/or old school shoes.

  3. store says

    I have loved these “old ladies shoes forever!
    And was laughed at many a time – I was going to write about them on my fashion web-site.
    LUCY from I LOVE LUCY wore these!

  4. store says

    I have loved these “old ladies shoes forever!
    And was laughed at many a time – I was going to write about them on my fashion web-site.
    LUCY from I LOVE LUCY wore these!

  5. Cherly says

    I love them!

    They look great with capris and corky sundresses.

    I think the greens would look great with jeans a retro T-shirt and a punk jacket (army green)


  6. says

    OMG!!!!! I thought I was the only one who thought grasshoppers were cute and fashionable. I’ve been looking for some cute flats with good support for the summer and thought I would be laughed at if I bought a couple of pairs of grasshoppers. Your stamp of approval has convinced me otherwise. I love the green pair and I think the white or navy would be great to accent any nautical look. Zappos sells them.

  7. trudy says

    I have these shoes in black and I love them. Check out DSW before you pay full price, that’s where I got mine!

  8. christal says

    These shoes are super cute.  I see a lot of younger girls that I know wearing them too.  No resistance here TBF.

  9. coco says

    in green they are uber cute, white they are rather unflattering.

    totally loving the green though, with a cute shirt-dress, hells yah!

  10. says

    I think I’d need to see them in an outfit. By themselves, I’m not liking them – but I’m aware there’s always a place in life for sensible shoes.

  11. says

    Nope, sorry, I just couldn’t do these.  They seem like I should be 30 and have a three year old, and be considering the purchase of a minivan. However, on the flip side, I do have a hard time accepting anything that doesn’t come in sandal or pointy toe.

  12. Thrifty shopper says

    Count me in as a YAY!

    Very very cute.  And Payless has a pair of really cute retro skimmers for the summer as well.  But don’t know how comfy those are…

    These also look to be well made, so for the price – YAY.

  13. says

    I like ‘em, even if they do seem a little preppy for my taste.  Maybe avoid the white—it’s a little bit geriatric—but the blue and the green are really cute.  And they look *really* comfortable.

  14. Rachel says

    I like these shoes. I would wear the blue or green ones. I like comfy shoes, since as a SAHM I don’t really go anywhere that I need to dress up for.

  15. angel says

    I really dig these shoes! Very preppy. I would wear them with wide leg khakis,white button and a logo scarf on a spring day in the office.

  16. megan says

    They look really comfy like they would be excellent shoes to fly in or to drive in just a tad bit expensive for me

  17. Miss KC says

    Apparently I hate everything coming out this year so I say, nay! 😉 They look like the stupid canvas things I wore in ‘90… Barf. What happened to sexy… I seriously don’t want to look like a nun on her day off. 😉

  18. Sally says

    Yea, cute shoes! Love the brand as all have arch support. Not everyone is flat footed! Some of their styles are definitely “old lady” but the print or contrast trim on these make them fun. A practical shoe that’s well made for a great price! Winning combination for me.

  19. Monica says

    The white ones are ugly. But the others are cute, I just don’t think I would buy them though.Not my style. But I can totally see my sister with them, she loves that stuff.

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