What: Texture by way of quilting, cropping up on items from head to toe for fall.

What the fashion heads say: Laird Borrelli-Persson at Style.com: Minimalism may have roared back to life on certain runways (if minimalism can be said to roar), but more than a few designers remain resolutely committed to pattern play and surface details. Diamond-shaped quilting added textural bling to over-the-knee boots at Derercuny, leather jackets at Elise Overland, and miniskirts at Valentino.

What I say: Okay, it’s as modern as quilting could be, but to me it still feels like Grandma’s coat/bedspread/whatever. There’s something about these quilted fabrics that look a bit stiff, and not at all inviting to slip in to, as well. If you choose to partake, however, remember the goal is sophistication, so keep the quilting to one item at a time.