Grandma’s China: Recycle This

The next time you break a beautiful piece of china, instead of bemoaning the loss of a sentimental and potentially expensive family heirloom, contact the people at The Broken Plate Pendant Company! They’ll take your prized possession, wipe away your tears, and turn it into a lovely piece of jewelry you will be proud to wear or give to your p.o.’d granny. And you know we love it around here when people take household objects and turn them into an objet d’art.

Say you haven’t had any household accidents lately but still love the look of this one-of-a-kind jewelry? They’ve broken some of their own plates so you don’t have to! Their vintage style rings, brooches, pendants and bracelets will knock you out. Check out our fave; the Green French Brocade Broken Plate Necklace for only $35.

They also have the very cleverly named matching pendent set, You ComPlate Me, for you and your best buddy for $60.

And if you have lots and lots of friends they have an option for bridesmaid jewelry that you actually will want to wear again.

The Broken Plate Pendant Company will even take your flatware and turn it into something beautiful. Really, we’re wondering what won’t they take and upcycle at that joint. Hmmm, we’ve got a salad shooter that really meant a lot to us at one time.

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