Do You Care What Others Think About the Way You Look? is Betting You Do

The Lowdown: Laura reviews , a fashion opinion site with the following fashion philosophy: “Get an opinion. Give an Opinion.”

Our Review: For the time being, (in beta phase) is pretty simple and straightforward: create an account, upload a photo or two of your own look, edit and rearrange the photos if you want to, and then the community will chime in. You can share your looks with all of GoTryItOn or just your Twitter followers/Facebook friends. We like that you can stay somewhat private – after all, maybe you don’t care what a total stranger thinks of your style.

When browsing looks, you can search by event (interview, date, wedding, etc), brands, city, or gender (men are surprisingly well-represented). As well, looks are sorted into two groups from the get-go: “recent” or “popular.” There’s unfortunately no way to browse the best or worst looks on the site, however.

Because users can upload photos however they like, and include detailed info with every upload, they can solicit very specific advice from the community. For instance, user Allora Swas shopping with a girlfriend and wanted to know which skirt outfit looked better.

Commenter Vicky G had this to say: “both outfits are super cute but lose the tights! itll make it easier to try on clothes while shopping and it makes the outfits better. (:”

Meanwhile, Geraldine M wonders if a long shirt she has would work better as a dress. So far, 50 think she should “wear it,” and 30 think she should “change it.” Lotte K. gave the following solution:
“It’s just a little too short I think. Maybe add some (sheer) leggings?”

The Verdict: Sure if you have time. GoTryItOn’s style-savvy community is its best feature – we found almost all the user comments to be enlightening and even entertaining. However, we wish there was a way to sort all of the looks with a bit more ease., an almost identical site in concept, does a much better job at this.