TBF Update: I got an Apple Nano, but…..

… not the Apple Red Nano.Tobias said he was concerned that I wouldn’t get the Nano red in time, so he bought me a Nano in silver and gave it to me early cause I’m training to run a 5k (yes, I actually have to train to run a 5k.. that’s how out of shape I am). It’s a nice Nano, works good, and holds 500 songs (which is more than enough for me), but it isn’t the Apple Red Nano.It’s like a kid asking for a Nintendo Wii and receiving an Atari 2600. I mean it’s a good enough gift, you can play games and all, but it isn’t exactly what you wanted.

I’m not sure what to do, other than to listen to my silver Nano.  I mean, I appreciate the gift, but it isn’t exactly what I wanted and with guys you don’t want to discourage them from taking the initiative in regards to gifts, but…..

I really wanted that red Nano.