What: Goodwill and Nick Graham (of Joe Boxer fame) have teamed up to create “William Good,” a brand of “repurposed” clothing and accessories. For those of you without your dictionary handy, “repurposed” means used, fixed up, and sold again.  It’s part of the general trend of Goodwill moving away from thrift and more into the area of retail.

In their own words: “As the original recycler, Goodwill Industries is thrilled to team up with Nick Graham to create an innovative, responsible approach to fashion,” says Goodwill CEO Deborah Alvarez-Rodriguez. “Not only will the William Good brand create value out of discarded goods, it will also provide a whole new level of design, marketing, and sales training for our staff and our participants who have barriers to employment.”

What I say: I think that perhaps the “saving the world” spin being put on this venture is a bit hard to swallow – a buzz phrase of “People, Planet and Profit” sounds great, but clothes have been resold at thrift stores since the beginning of retail time. Jazzing them up is a cool new spin, but it remains to be seen where the average pricetags will fall ($15 to $300 is a huge range), and if budget (which is the basis of Goodwill’s resale market) is part of the big picture.

~ Angela