Goodwill VS. Retail Stores: The Holiday Shopping Savings May Be Bigger Than You Think

What: Enjoy up to ten times more savings this season by doing your holiday shopping at Goodwill, according to this Mers Goodwill infographic.

What They Say:

Shopping through the holidays can be expensive. From Halloween to New Years, find out how you can save by shopping at Goodwill stores.

What We Say: Thriftaholics LOVE Goodwill, and most of us here in the TBF staff will readily attest to that. While it does require tons of patience to sift through the goods, the prices (and occasional quirkiness) of the items are totally hard to beat! If you skip the department stores this year and do your shopping for Halloween costumes or Thanksgiving tableware at Goodwill, we suggest you check out 7 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping to help you prepare for your shopping trip.

Will you be checking out Goodwill and other thrift stores this holiday season, or will you be sticking to your favorite shopping retailers? Weigh in with us in the comments section.

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