TBF’s Golden Globes Picks: The BEST dressed and What the…..

I’m not a big fan of Joan Rivers and her side-kick/daughter Melissa, but this is one time that I wished they were still doing their red carpet commentary on E!.

What happened last night?

Our Best and Worst-Dressed at Golden Globes 2007

I haven’t seen fashion this bad since Hollywood’s Dynasty period (big hair, sequins, etc). Jennifer Hudson (aka J-Hud) may have won the globe, but her black dress made her look like a sack (but her make-up and hair was flawless). Cameron Diaz did not bring style or sexy back.  Jennifer Love Hewitt looked like she bought her dress on the last day of a Jessica Mcclintock sample sale. Sienna Miller… why is this girl a star? I can’t believe that people pay stylists up to $6,000 (no not a typo) to dress them like a hot mess. Was I the only one you thought that several of stars looked very uncomfortable (Julie Louis-Dreyfus, Vanessa Williams)