TBF’s Golden Globes Picks: The BEST dressed and What the…..

I’m not a big fan of Joan Rivers and her side-kick/daughter Melissa, but this is one time that I wished they were still doing their red carpet commentary on E!.

What happened last night?

Our Best and Worst-Dressed at Golden Globes 2007

I haven’t seen fashion this bad since Hollywood’s Dynasty period (big hair, sequins, etc). Jennifer Hudson (aka J-Hud) may have won the globe, but her black dress made her look like a sack (but her make-up and hair was flawless). Cameron Diaz did not bring style or sexy back.  Jennifer Love Hewitt looked like she bought her dress on the last day of a Jessica Mcclintock sample sale. Sienna Miller… why is this girl a star? I can’t believe that people pay stylists up to $6,000 (no not a typo) to dress them like a hot mess. Was I the only one you thought that several of stars looked very uncomfortable (Julie Louis-Dreyfus, Vanessa Williams)

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  1. says

    I also really enjoyed Reese’s look.  Not as glam but she looking so happy.  I know people were bored with Angelina’s look but I thought the gray was different and a lovely color on her.

  2. Tara says

    Jennifer Love Hewitt looked like a Godiva box with cleavage truffles.  Yikes. 

    And god, what happened to Cameron Diaz?  Did breaking up with Justin mess her up so bad that she didn’t notice she left the house in hooker makeup and a dress made out of toilet paper?  Or was the spare makeup and tissue dress all a precaution in case she burst into tears or something?  Either way… damn. 

    Helen Mirren looks outstanding.  I also thought Jessica Biel and Emily Blunt looked gorgeous.  And the whole cast of “Heroes” cleaned up very well!

  3. Julie says

    Considering Angelina HAD to choose from St John b/c of her endorsment contract, she looked better than I thought.

    I loved Penelope Cruz’s black Chanel. I agree with you that the Queen, Helen Mirren loved absolutely lovely and rocking the low neck line.

    I really miss Joan and Melissa. I really miss making fun of them as I watch them botch names, movies and such. Oh and of course the celebs who try to avoid her and the ones who snidely reply to her questions. LOL Great times!

  4. says

    I have never understood the mystique of Cameron Diaz. My word – what was going on with Vanessa Williams’ hair?? And that fur? I don’t think it helped the outfit at all. Loved Helen Mirren and America Ferrara. I know these people have money & access to clothing/designers but dang, they act as if they don’t know their own bodies or their own personal style.

  5. Katia says

    I like Djimon looks nice… the grey tie looks so modern how he wears it…I’m gonna show my boyfriend~! and Angelina and Drew both looked hot too.

  6. Kim says

    Why did Vanessa’s hair look like a lion’s mane?  I thought Salma Hayek’s dress was very classy too.  Djimon looked very dapper.  Beyonce’ just looked like she overdid her look (just like her singing).

  7. says

    I loved J Hud’s entire look.  I thought she looked cute in that black “sack.”  Very low key but classy.  You can tell she’s had some speech lessons too.  Absolutely fab!

    *blank stare* @ Vanessa’s hair

  8. Nai says

    Drew Barrymore looks fabulous. I love the dress, hair, shoes, skin, you name it!  Djimon looks great in that suit, it really does fit him perfectly and I’m loving that grey tie.

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