Going Green – You’re Doing It Wrong!

The experts behind The Complete Organic Pregnancy stopped by Babble to tell parents what mistakes they were making while going green. Other than the “no renovating during pregnancy” advice, their words of wisdom apply to us all – childfree or child-with.

First on their list was the plastic bottle conundrum. BPA-free or PVC? What’s a good environmentalist to do? Apparently the answer to that question is – use glass (or stainless steel, or hard wood). They do offer up the “safe numbers” in plastics (2,4,5) and we’ve also been educating our BE public on the numbering system on the bottom of your Poland Spring bottles. But long story short – avoid the petroleum based products altogether. At the very least, if you’re going to go back to the plastic, put those two liter bottles to good use.

Also on the list was to know what you’re buying when you’re buying green. While there is a regulatory system in place for organic food (hello, FDA!) other products do not have such oversight. Your so-called organic hand lotion could be injected with whale antibiotics for all you know. So, how do you know? Check out Saffron Rouge where they’ve done the research for you when you’re looking to green your beauty products. There are plenty of great books out there as well that will guide you on your earth-saving consumer journey.

Oh, and there’s that other little helper, The Budget Ecoist, which has tips every single day for the overachieving greenie in you. We do the work, so you don’t have to!

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