Go Green with Throwplace.com

Throwplace.com touts itself as the Internet’s landfill alternative, which is a big claim. We think they’re qualified to make it though — this free service allows you to donate your old appliances, furniture, computers, clothes, shoes, magazines and lots more. Based on the preference of the donor, the goods are divided into four categories: U.S. charities, international charities, business, and up for grabs. Instead of leaving them in the basement to gather dust or commit the unthinkable and trash it, our outdated-but-still-working toasters, fax machines and televisions will be picked up by those who need them.

If you’re starting a new business, head here and pick up fax machines, computers and printers — for free. Or, you can request items for their parts, and re-use them to make something brand new. College student or moving into your first apartment? Request that sleeper sofa or kitchen table. You may have to go pick up the item, but people all over the country are currently “throwing” their possessions to you, so we’re sure you’ll find someone nearby who has what you need. All you need to do is register, no strings attached.

Check out their directory of charities if you wish to make donation directly to a non-profit of your choice.If you’ve heard of throwplace.com before, or have used it, we’d love to have you tell us about it below!
Image: pandagon.net

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