Go Green with Shea Terra Organics

When eco-friendly gals pamper themselves, they consider the products they use just as carefully as they peruse the day’s green news. That’s why we’re raving about Shea Terra Organics, a company that offers all natural face and bath products. The Budget Fashionista is giving away FIVE Shea Terra Organics gift sets. They include the Bourbon Vanilla Indigenous Silk & Shea Shower Elixir, the Silk & Shea Butter Lotion, the Shea Butter Dead Sea Salt Scrub, and a Fair Trade Divine White Chocolate Candy Bar.

We’re excited about the other products this company offers as well because there are no artificial fragrances, only pure fruit and plant extracts are used for the therapeutic scent, there are no sulfates or silicone in the products and they contain lots of luxurious shea butter. Finally, only sustainable raw materials are used–their carbon footprint must be so tiny! From face masks and cleansers to body oil and body butter, we’ll be so relaxed and mellow that we may even forget to recycle the empty containers . . .

Just kidding. We could never forget that.

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