Global Style Under $20: The Look for Less


Globally inspired interiors are hot this summer. Exotic décor is here to stay as we become more connected to other countries through travel, and naturally, we want to borrow design ideas from other cultures and make it our own. From wild African safari themes to Japanese daintiness, we are tickled pink by all of the possibilities.

Here, we have found some exotic accessories that can blend with virtually any style as long as you tie it in with other commonalities – like color, pattern, shape, etc. Don’t let each piece’s origin limit you to just that region, however. These days it’s all about mixing and matching eclectic finds.


A perfect example of Morocco’s popular geometric and rhythmic patterns, several of these old-world metal cage candleholders ($17.99, pictured above) from Target would look great in a zigzag pattern, lighting up a dark hallway.



When we think of India, we imagine bright, vivid colors and gorgeous sari silk. That’s why we chose this sari pillow cover ($10) on handmade of vintage wedding saris. Its intricate patchwork design is a perfect piece for adding texture.



Indonesian décor is in very high demand these days. Why not add some subtle Southeast Asian style with woven pandan boxes ($18 for set of 3) like these from Well Dressed Home?



African decor is simultaneously earthy and graphic. This natural bone napkin ring set with a leaf and vine design ($17.94) could easily feel at home in a coastal casual setting.



Flowered Japanese umbrellas are uber-popular these days. Forget superstitions. We think this girly paper parasol ($9.95) from could be used indoors hung from the ceiling. Try one in a corner, or several strung all over the ceiling.

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