Glitter: Beauty Trend 2008


What: Glitter is—once again—the trendiest way to dress up your face.

What the experts say: This from the February 2008 issue of Allure magazine: “This glitter doesn’t feel as gaudy as it did in the ‘80s, because we’re applying it so deliberately,” says makeup artist Gucci Westman, “which makes it a little more rebellious. Makeup artist Charlotte Tillbury adds, “Glitter now should look lived in, with a rock-and-roll edge.”

What we say: When worn at night, glitter can make you glisten like nothing else. During the day? Not so much. Though glitter tends to be messy and requires time—not to mention patience—when applying, there are some tricks to achieving perfectly glittery eyes: To protect yourself from glitter abrasion as well as give it something to stick to, dab a bit of petroleum jelly onto your lids beforehand (you can also mix your glitter with a cream eye shadow). To add depth to your eyes, finish by lining with a dark eyeliner.

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  1. BigGirlBlue says

    It looks beautiful. Definitely lots of practice required! :)

    I’m wondering though if this is something contact lens wearers should stay away from.

  2. beemcee says

    I like the look, but a touch scary for daytime. A bit on the inner corners of the eye or put through hair thats a little bed head-y would look so cool :)

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