Glassware Round-Up: Entertaining on a Budget

The weather is getting hot and it’s time to stay hydrated in style. Affordable style. Here is a round up of some of our favorite cups that are $6 each, or less!

Recycled Glass Cup

We love the look of this glass in a wicker sleeve. It’s the glass that doesn’t need it’s own coaster. Sold by Ten Thousand Villages, the cup is made of recycled glass and costs $5.

Urban Outfitters Tumblers
These lovely tumblers from Urban Outfitters come in a variety of fun retro patterns and only cost $6 each or you can buy 4 for $16.

Kannibal Home Plaid Tumbler
Kannibal Home has these gorgeous plaid glasses for $6. They only have 2 available so hurry up. Also, check out the rest of their affordable and fabulous glassware.

Torre and Taqus Tumblers
These fun vintage-inspired Torre and Taqus tumblers are $22.50 for a set of four or ~$5.63 each.

What is your favorite place to shop for glassware? Let us know in the forums!

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