Glass Jars: Recycle This

Glass jars offer a great opportunity to recycle. Nothing excites us more than finishing a jar of jelly, a pint of pasta sauce, or a jar of salsa. When the jar is cleaned out, the fun is ready to begin! YEEHAW!

Why the love of glass jars? Storage, of course. Why buy a piggy bank when you use a jar of pickles (minus the pickles, of course)? Why buy granola in a pastic bag, exposing yourself to possible pests in your cupboards, when you can buy that granola in bulk and fill what once was a jar of marinara sauce?

Re-using jars for storage makes great sense. Here are ten great uses for your old jars:

1. Fill your cabinets with pasta, flour, sugar, raisins, nuts, granola and more. Buy products in bulk and store them safely in reusable glass jars.
2. Leftover change jar. Cha-ching!
3. All those miscellaneous crayons lying around.
4. Nuts, bolts and nails. Who needs more clever plastic storage containers that fit five small nails in a compartment?
5. Small jars make great use of themselves for small leftovers, such as a that half can of diced olives remaining since the recipe only called for a half can.
6. Small spice jars can be reused to fill with your own garden dried herbs.
7. Another use for small jars: mix paints. Yellow plus blue makes green.
8. Start seedlings before transporting them to the garden.
9. Store rubberband (when you have enough you can make that rubberband ball you’ve always wanted).
10. Buttons, beads, ribbon, and other scrapbooking accessories.

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