New York Fashion Week: Fall 2007- Splendid and Glamour Team Up with Six Designers for Charity

Six new designers have teamed up with Glamour to design six exclusive T-shirts available online at 30% of the sales price of the t-shirts, by Splendid, goes to the charity each designer supports, from an organization that supports homeless shelters for women and children, to a nonprofit that provides health care for Darfur’s refugees.

Here’s a run down of the designers and their causes

JENNI KAYNE for GLAMOUR in support of THE RAPE TREATMENT CENTER AT SANTA MONICA-UCLA MEDICAL CENTER.  The RTC provides free treatment, counseling and forensic exams for sexual assault victims, as well as programs to educate the public about rape.

RACHEL ROY for GLAMOUR in support of CHILDREN’S HOPE INDIA, INC. Children’s Hope India, Inc. is an organization that provides medical care, drinkable water, education and a consistent food supply to thousands of Indian children.

RODARTE for GLAMOUR in support of THE NATIONAL MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SOCIETY. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society funds cutting-edge MS research and educational programs and fosters awareness of the disease.

SARI GUERON for GLAMOUR in support of FREE ARTS NYC. Free Arts NYC operates hundreds of creative arts programs for more than 20,000 children and adults in New York City suffering from poverty, abuse, neglect and/or HIV/AIDS.

THREAD SOCIAL for GLAMOUR in support of WOMEN IN NEED, INC. Women in Need, Inc. is an organization that provides transitional shelter and permanent housing for thousands of homeless women and children in New York City.

VENA CAVA for GLAMOUR in support of THE AMERICAN REFUGEE COMMITTEE’S DARFUR RELIEF EFFORT. The American Refugee Committee’s Darfur Relief Effort (ARC) helps at-risk communities and Darfur refugees to survive crises and rebuild their lives.
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  1. sara says

    A good cause but, ouch!  The price!  $68 for a tshirt?  I’d much rather just give the $25 to the charitable cause.

  2. TBF says

    True.. but there are some people who aren’t so philanthropic- but will spend money on a designer t-shirt.. Sad.. but true

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