Give Me Your Two Cents: TBF Undergoes A Redesign


Thanks to you wonderful people, TBF has grown enormously over the pass year and that means it’s time to refresh our design. So during the month of September, we’ll be updating the site with lots of cool features like better integration of the forum within the site, the ability to use avatars in comments, more polls and some other pretty cool stuff that wasn’t available when I started the blog in 2003.

What would you like to see more of on the blog?  Any cool features you think we should add? Post your constructive comments below…

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  1. Judy says

    This is something that you have done in the past and do in your book but I personally REALLY like it.  Doing a side by side comparison of a product/trend which has a high end version and budget version (of quality).

  2. Judy says

    Now that I have given it some more thought I wonder if the front page could have columns with the different categories (beauty/fashion/shopping/online coupons) so that you see all the latest posts in those categories instead of having to leave the front page.

    AND whatever you do please don’t use a BLACK background…maybe it is just me but I find it hard to read…especially if the links are in something like purple…with sites like that I don’t even bother.

    Finally, Kathryn, I know you are overworked as it is but would you consider doing a weekly/monthly blog entry about a current fashion/beauty topic…of course this is not necessary since we get your point of view with the WHAT I SAY part of your daily postings. What I’m thinking is an OP/ED piece.  Perhaps only occasionally when the spirit moves you.

    And while you’re at it can you start a new feature called JUDY ASKS to answer all my impossibly lame questions?  Only kidding!!!!

    I understand a re-design is a HUGE task and you can’t incorporate all your readers’ ideas.  And I’m sure you are already working with a web designer who can give you real professional advice on this re-do.  Good luck…it is yet something else to look forward to from TBF.

  3. alisa says

    I am a brand new BF but so far I love your site!  I would like to see a column maybe devoted to places us local BF’s find that are great for shopping.  I live in St. Louis, MO and there’s a FABULOUS resale shop called the Scholarshop.  It’s a ton of high-end (St. John, Prada, etc.) mixed in with Gap, Nordstrom, etc.  I was there yesterday and almost cried—they had this wonderful black Tod’s bag for $195 and the woman offered it to me t $150…I couldn’t (a BF has to eat and sleep somewhere besides her car right?!).  But because of your site and your book, I was able to realize what a HUGE coup that was. 

    That’s what I’d like to see more of—local BF hangouts.  Never know when a BF is gonna be traveling right?

  4. Lulu says

    I think you might want to work on the frequency or manner that your newsletter/feeds send updates. I get maybe 2-3 a day sometimes. Not sure what you are using for emails…but I think you might consider investing in a better system if you are taking the time to update your site.

  5. Patricia says

    I really enjoy your information.  I am 70, and so not all of it is applicable to me, but it does let me keep up with trends and understand some of my granddaughters’ styles.  I subscribe to the newsletter, and I find it annoying that I have to return to the email to link to each article that I want to read.  If you can fix that I would appreciate it.  Otherwise, I really enjoy your stuff.  Thanks.

  6. bebepink says

    Why not make it also like a “networking site” at the same time like you can make/add friends, leave comments on their guestbooks, create or write posts, create and join groups, post photos of the members w/ their “cheap/budget” finds, etc.—-that kind of stuff.
    I would definitely be spending more time in this site than anywhere else.

  7. Maureen says

    That’s great. This is my favorite blog of all. Looking forward to seeing the new things that you have planned for the future. More on where to find decent handbags cheaply (under $50.00) would be nice.

  8. bebepink says

    Oh that would be great and I will surely hang around h ere much longer. I suggest that you make it like a “networking” site where you can add friends, write comments on their guestbooks, make your own profiles, upload photos, graphics and photos, and member can create their own posts, news and reviews and share info and knowledge. And another suggestion is that members can post their own photos of their own budget-conscious finds.

  9. Tina says

    My biggest request would be to have something like links to online coupons.  You have some, but a lot of stores, like Lord and Taylor, Ann Taylor, Bath and Body works e-mail coupons that you can print out.

    It would be great if you included these printable coupons as well.

    Or a section where guest columnists review malls and shopping locations in other cities besides NYC.

    Also another section that could be added would be taking the budget beyond fashion-shopping for discounts housewares, cultural activities, travel etc…though I think that might be a bit of an undertaking for now

  10. Amy says

    Ack! Please NO “social networking” features. If I wanted to be on My Space/Facebook, I would. I stay off those site and don’t want TBF to turn into that. I would love to see more articles on how to make trends wearable for all sizes: petites, plus, talls, etc. Also, maybe some “on the street” photos of great style that we can emulate. Thanks!

  11. Jill says

    It’d be awesome to be able to browse through past entries in reverse-chronological-order.  So, I could go to the website, and instead of seeing “related entries,” I’d see “recent entries.”  Usually the related entries are dated in, say, 2005.  I’d like to see what was posted today and yesterday!

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