10 Hot Gifts Under $50: Nordstrom

The Deal: Score Gifts under $50. Shop jewelry, outerwear, bags and more at NORDSTROM.

The Lowdown: Now that we’re well into the holiday shopping frenzy (is it Dec. 24th yet?) we’re realizing just how challenging the season will be, mostly because our budget still isn’t where we thought it would be (this silly recession thing just has to stop). We don’t want to spend a ton, but at the same time we don’t want to give cheap (as in low quality) gifts to the ones we love. So we’re totally on the lookout for gifts that don’t cost a fortune, but still look like we care enough to give more than just some scratch off lotto tickets.

Fortunately, a down economy also means that retailers are competing to give shoppers the best value for their dollar, hoping we’ll spend ALL our dollars with them. Nordstrom 10 Hot Gifts Under $50: Nordstrom — which, while we like them, isn’t always the first store to come to mind when we think budget fashion — is one of those retailers featuring handy gift lists of really nice items we’d love to see in our stocking, for less than a C-note. And since we’re all budget-y around here, we’ve decided to narrow it down to gifts under $50 and still came up with a rundown of pretty and practical items that will surely get us lots of sincere thank-yous this holiday season (and stand an excellent chance of not being returned besides).


Our Picks:

gifts 1 10 Hot Gifts Under $50: Nordstrom

1. Lodi’s Liquid Mesh Smartphone Case, $48
2. Judith Jack Crystal & Marcasite Hinged Bangle, $48
3. Frenchie Ruffle Scarf, $22

gifts 2 10 Hot Gifts Under $50: Nordstrom

4. Halogen Python Embossed Leather Tote, $48.90
5. Nordstrom Vintage Scarf, $29
6. Cara Accessories Leather Wrap Bracelet, $38

gifts 3 10 Hot Gifts Under $50: Nordstrom

7. Nordstrom Slouchy EcoTote, $21.95
8. Graphic Image Leather iPhone Sleeve, $45

gifts 4 10 Hot Gifts Under $50: Nordstrom

9. Top Choice Bow Crossbody Bag, $14
10. Nordstrom Pretty Bow Knit Gloves, $17.90