Gift Wrapping for Less

Usually we’re all about saving money on the gifts we’re buying this time of year, but what about all that dough we spend on wrapping paper (7 bucks for 20 feet of silver foil? Ridiculous!), ribbons, bows and the like? That’s why the folks at green living Web guide have created this list of gift-giving styles and the eco- (and budget-) friendly ways to dress up your gifts for less:

Sensible: Go for reusable cloth, bags, paper, old maps and boxes in lieu of new wrapping paper.

Classic: Make festive gift-top d├ęcor with re-used bells, whistles, fake holly or mistletoe, Pez dispensers, dreidels, small, ceramic figurines, gelt, etc.

Earthy: Plant trimmings also make beautiful gift decor. Rosemary keeps its shape and fragrance even after it’s dried.

Wacky: Use old VHS and cassette tape as ribbon.

Creative: Tie your packages with old holiday lights for a funky, found-art look.

Rustic: Wrap gifts with brown paper bags or newspaper.

Resourceful: Skip scotch tape, and hold the bundle together with string or twine.

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