Six Great Gift Ideas for the Budget Fashionista

The good news about shopping for a budget fashionista? She appreciates a good deal, and you don’t have to splurge to find something she’ll love. The not-so-good news? Well, she’s got an eye for style, so you want to get her something she’ll actually use. Luckily, we’ve rounded up six ideas for the budget fashionista in your life.

Statement necklace: Old Navy Women's Beaded Flowerpetal Necklaces
The bigger, the bolder, the better when it comes to statement jewelry! Statement necklaces can make a boring outfit, well, un-boring, and we love this one from Old Navy!

Magazines: Magazines
Flippin’ through a fashion magazine with Kardashian drama unfolding on E! is pretty much our idea of a quiet night in. A budget fashionista loves keeping up with the latest trends and drawing inspiration from magazines, even if she can’t afford some (or all!) of the clothing in the magazines. We suggest Lucky, Vogue, or InStyle!

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