Get Your Rock Posters Here: Go Green

When you’re getting your rock on the last thing you want to think about is your impact on the environment (unless you’re at Burning Man – then, yeah, you’ll be thinking about it). Luckily those clever gig poster designers at The Decoder Ring Design Concern have done all the responsible fretting for you. The creators of kick arse posters for everyone from The Hold Steady (seen above) to Willie Nelson have gone 100% green. The future collector items use soy or water based inks and all of their prints are laid down on paper that is post-consumer or cotton. So when you buy your Spoon Spoon poster for a mere $25, you can feel good that you did not kill a tree or poison the drinking water around their art factory.

Apparently the green ways of the TDRDC caught the attention of a certain Presidential campaign, as a recent collection from the Concern includes these arty farty Obama posters. Including another homage to mother earth, the Future poster with powerful sentiments from a young American voter, “I’m voting because the future won’t run on oil.” Nice.

In addition to decking out your dorm room, take a note and emulate these big guns of the rock poster world when you start to get crafty: Re-use that construction paper/plastic straw collection/wrinkled beer can tower and make some planet-friendly art. That’s smart.

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