Gap Wants to Give You a Free Yoga Class

What: If you live in New York and you want a yoga class for free, head to the Gap on Saturdays (until July 22). Yeah, really. Gap’s flagship Fifth Avenue shop is now a temporary yoga studio. Class size is really limited, though, so you’ll need to make a reservation ASAP. The reason for this? Gap’s trying to showcase its comfier, athletic wear – and calm everyone down about spending money at its stores.

What We Say: What an, um, interesting, way to combat the economy. Even though we know not everyone’s living in New York or into yoga, we find this piece of news quite foreshadowing. Because it mean’s the unveiling of the “Gap Body’s Newest Line of Layering Essentials” – whatever that means. Are you living in the Big Apple? If so, let us know how the line looks and what it costs.

Photo by Milopeng

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