Spring shirt dresses: yea or nay? We could probably start a whole marathon of fashion debates on the pros and cons of this style trend, but one fact remains: shirt dresses are part of every fashionista’s Spring 2013 closet arsenal. You don’t have to be Lena Dunham to want to wear these spring shirt dresses we found on sale over at Gap. Each of these are structured enough (or as structured as shirt dresses can get anyways) to wear without your elderly lady neighbor coming over to insist you put on some pants… and the price points are $50 and less!

When in doubt, always reach for a trusty belt to complete the look of this springtime staple and dispel rumors of pants-related forgetfulness. Smart shoes also send out a clear message that this look is polished and complete–so for the love of everything holy in the fashion world, do NOT wear fluffy bedroom slippers with a shirt dress.

Shop: Gap Springtime Staples: 5 Sassy Shirt Dresses Under $50