Gap Does Good: Gap Design Edition White Shirts

It’s good to finally have something positive to say about the Gap.

The designer white shirt collection, at least from the photos, looks kinda of cute. So cute that I bought a dress (cause it’s the only time I will be able to buy anything from the brilliant Doo.Ri ). The prices aren’t rock bottom, $88 bucks is still alot to pay for a dress, but it’s about 1/10th the cost of a full price dress from these designers.  Plus the dresses go up to a size XXL. The collection is almost sold out online (the cute white A-line dress from Rodarte I bought yesterday is all gone). I will post an update when I receive the dresses

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  1. imaginedrose says

    I saw the collection in person at my local Gap yesterday. Like many others, I was excited about the collection. In light of the hot high-low fusion trend, I was particularly interested to see how these concepts might translate. I was disappointed.

    Having received formal training in art and design and being a savvy fashion consumer, I can appreciate the design elements in the pieces, particularly Thakoon’s puff-sleeve, petal-skirt dress. But this is where the inherent trouble lies – high fashion with such ultra-trendy, elaborate details are not for the mass market retailer, which generally caters to everyday wear. The direction is right but needs to be adopted with less exaggeration. If indeed I was looking for a special-occasion dress with standout details, I am willing to pay a little more and not be attracted by low prices alone. The collection as it is is not quite everyday, not quite special occasion. It’s a catch-22 situation.

    To be fair, there were more wearable pieces, such as Doo.ri’s pleated camp shirt and the pictured A-line belted shirtdress. The construction and materials are generally sound. But before I could convince myself to bring them to the counter, the issue of value-for-money began to bug me.

    A commendable effort on the part of Gap. I’m going to stay tuned.

  2. Michelle says

    LOVE IT, very cute, yet casual.  One of those Things you could dress up or dress down, go all while or add splashes of color.  Would make a great travel dress.

  3. says

    I went to take a look at these in the store… They are definitely cute, although since some of the dresses are hard to tell apart on the rack (they just end up looking shapeles) they should be displayed a little better.

    I’ve had a beautiful crocheted white summer dress for years so I find it a little hard to justify buying another white dress – but these are very nice and the quality is not bad, so I was tempted! I was also impressed with the other clothes in the store, for once – lots of very pretty, versatile summer frocks.

  4. annah says

    gosh, I really love that shirt by Rodarte, but I don’t have a Gap around here. Do you know if they’ll be restocking?

  5. greenofbean says

    I LOVE the button-down shirt with the scarf from the collection. Normally I wouldn’t dream of spending 68$ for one shirt, but that one looks so original and timeless ( at least for someone on a budget who mostly shops at mass retail stores, perhaps people who wear designer clothing on a regular basis would feel differently) I just might have to get it.

  6. jj says

    I picked up the Thakoon dress because I *love* the detailing.  Now I’m just praying that the the smallest size they had left doesn’t hang like a sack on me. 

    I wish I’d had time to check them out in the stores… but they seem to be disappearing fast.

  7. Patrice Teilmann says

    I bought the Rodarte trapeze top.  It’s really cute and feels couture-like.  I love it with my skinny jeans and ballet flats.  I wanted to try the top with bows as well, but there were only two left and not my size.

    The items are nice, but I wish the prices had been around $40!

    The fit is voluminous on many the the items.  I know they’re probably supposed to fit that way, but bigger women can end up looking like marshmallows if they’re not careful.

  8. Jennifer Palmer says

    I just bought the dress at a Gap store and it is really cute!  The fabric is soft and feels to be of pretty good quality.  I think it will work well on many frames: the top is very flattering with the simple shirt collar and cap sleeves, and the rest is voluminous, letting you cinch it with the ribbon to your own shape.  I was also surprised that it looked good on me at 5’3, hitting just below the knee.  It will only look better on taller gals.  And very comfy – a perfect LWD for a humid summer day!

  9. rosie says

    Thanks for your post!  I saw the dress pictured in the store, though didn’t end up buying it (made me look like I was a nurse from a WWII movie!)

    Had second thoughts today and went back and bought it. I agree it would look great with a splash of color… maybe some big jewelry? I got wide red patent-leather belt to wear with mine.

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