What to Buy Spring 2007- Yea or Nay: Denim Trench Coat, $98.00

My two cents: After trashing the Gap a few weeks ago, I decided to show some of the positive items they will be selling this Spring (yesterday jeans for those of us with a little more curve in the back).  I like this coat, but I’m not sure if I “$98.00” like it. It would be incredibly functional and I’m sure the cost per wear (learn how to figure out the cost per wear), would be well under $2.00 a pop. I also like the fact that is comes in Petite and Tall. 

Gap Denim Trench Coat: Yea or Nay?

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  1. Sasha says

    Yea – this coat is cute (and, even better that it comes in tall sizes!)

    I have trouble with buyings things from the Gap at full price though, since everything goes on sale in a few weeks.  The problem, though, is that will it still be there?

  2. Brinda says

    Nay.  Isn’t the whole point of a trench coat to protect you from the rain? Last I checked, denim doesn’t stand up very well to be SOAKING WET.

  3. Paula says

    Nay…….A classic trench is always a good investment, but if jeans are a staple in your wardrobe, a denim trench is not going to look as smart as a khacki or even a bright-colored jacket.

  4. Lana says

    The denim seems a bit too utilitarian to give it the sort of classy, old money look that trench coats give. And $98 for a denim jacket is just too much, anywhere. Nay. Gap needs to rethink their strategy…this jacket might to better at Old Navy, for like $30.

  5. San Francisco Shopper says

    Nay, Target came out with one kind of like that a few years ago. It wasn’t that hot and neither is this one.

  6. Charmaine says

    yah! I love the idea of a denim trench coat. I actually have a denim quarter length puffy winter coat. And I gets lots of compliments. So trendy.

  7. Annah says

    I LOVE THIS COAT!!!! I don’t know if I can wait for it to go on sale, it might be too hot to wear it then. But I love this!!

  8. Amanda says

    Yea… but only if it goes on sale.  I have a great khaki (and water resistant!) trench from the Gap I bought a few years ago that’s still going strong (and you can bet i didn’t pay even CLOSE to $98 for it!)  I’m thrilled that trenches are so big this year, so I wouldn’t mind the denim one to expand my wardrobe as long as its on sale.  But I’ll keep my trusty water resistant one for the downpours!

  9. Sasha says

    It’s cute, but not for $98.  The collar would be so much better if it had those sharp “trenchcoat” edges, and not floppy ones.

  10. greenofbean says

    I like it but the collar looks kind of wrinkly. But maybe it just needs to be ironed out. I would maybe get it if it went on sale.

  11. Marilena says

    Nay… I’ll have to pass and agree with a previous comment. Denim is an odd and HEAVY material for a trench. Looks cute on the model, but I bet not as cute on.

  12. Jen says

    You couldn’t wear it in the rain – the dye would bleed onto your clothes.

    Also it looks a little unstructured and floppy.

  13. Delilah Pearl says

    I have a denim trench similar to that one from Talbots Petites. I know, I am 24 years old and barely 4’11” so I have to hunt for petite clothing. I also have an amazing tailor. My jacket is a lighter weight denim and it cost pretty much the same at $88. I am used to spending a little more for a proper fit. I have to say yea!!!….P.S. Does anyone know any sites that sell contemporary petite merchandise especially dresses???

  14. emma says

    YEA- $98 is pricey, but that’s what sales are for. The cut, i feel, is a unique cut. Also, plain denim jackets are starting to get old; this is a twist on denim that is fitted, but is comfortable (or it appears so.) The little details like the buckles on the cuffs and the wide lapels are what make this jacket.

  15. Skylla says

    Nay, for the Gap.  I can find a better one at the Banana Republic outlet.  Better yet, I can find nice trench jackets at the HM.

  16. coco says

    i have a long demin trench i got more than 4 years ago in montreal and i love it!  i wore the hell out of it early in my pregnancy because it is strechy (its not gap) and its great when you are wearing a cas skirt at night.

    big YAH for me..

  17. Valerie says

    Um, hello people! its DENIM! Unless the candian suit is making a comeback anytime soon, forget it! But, all jokes aside, a denim trench is highly impractical and hardly trendy. Save your money for something cheaper, and trendy, at a place like H&M.

  18. soala says

    Did you hear? Gap Inc. is closing Forthe and Towne (sp?) stores to focus on the Gap and Old Navy brands. Thank goodness for informational elevators.

  19. Tricia says

    I think when considering the cost per wear (which is always important) – it’s a yay for me! The denim trench is not for everyone – but I like the revision of the classic trench idea with the dark denim…I’d rather it be cheaper though…maybe if the Gap is offering cardholders a discount online or something…

  20. suz says

    Nay nay nay. In the pic it looks like HSN clothes, fake denim that’s really polyester.

    Aside from the fakiness of the denim, it’s bad with jeans (too much denim syndrome), not great for any where jeans would be too casual (denim is denim), and certainly not for $98. Check H&M for sharper styling at a third the price.

  21. says

    I say Yea! I just purchased a trench in (what appears to be) the same denim from Uniqulo and can’t wait for Seattle weather to warm just a bit to wear it. As long as the denim has a bit of a “techno color, grainy sheen” I think it’s totally fashionable. Anything that resembles Chambray – I’d Nay.

  22. Pwatters says

    I’d say no – if I wore it with jeans, it would look like I was trying to make a jacket suit out of it!

  23. Brenda says

    Speaking of Forth and Towne closing, they have a much better quality denim trench coat there.  I say Yay and buy it there at the going out of business price.

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