Game Night: Entertaining on a Budget

Forget getting together to watch the game on television hosting a game night at home can be much more relaxing and exciting, and less expensive as well! Gather a group of friends, mix up some drinks and let the games begin.

To get started hosting a game night, first decide on a theme. Into word games? Try Scrabble. Trivia whiz? Trivial Pursuit may be more to your liking. Just want to have fun? Any of the Cranium varieties is sure to please. In fact, any game that draws people in and lets them have fun is perfect for a game night.

More considerations:

Plan a guest list. Consider how many people will be participating when selecting a game; in some games, there are only so many game pieces to go around and, frankly, some games are just more fun with fewer or more people.

Keep things simple. Don’t introduce an obscure or unknown game to the group; old favorites are more crowd pleasing than games no one has heard of or with complicated rules.

Provide provisions. Drinks and snacks will keep people happy – consider setting out a tapas buffet or have a pizza night for easy entertaining.

Set a time limit. Some games, like Monopoly, can go on for seemingly forever (especially if you’re not winning!). Set a time limit for the game night.

Know the rules. Be sure that you, as host, are familiar with the rules of the game. Also keep handy any additional accessories that might be needed, such as a dictionary for Scrabble.

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