Out of This World: Galaxy-Inspired Fashion Stuff

Have you ever spread out on the grass–day or night–and looked up into the sky? It’s a strange sensation, lying there looking up. Almost dizzying. You realize that you’re not so big, but that the world truly is. And the more you think about it, the more you understand that there isn’t much between you and the stratosphere. It almost makes you want to reach out and grab hold of a tuft of grass, lest you blow away.

Galaxy-Inspired Fashion

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Fox Fur Nebula Space Galaxy iPhone Case

Fox Fur Nebula Space Galaxy iPhone Case, $15.99 by Etsy seller CreativeIphoneCases
How to Style: Obviously you carry this around with you wherever you go, so styling isn’t really much of a concern. Do make sure you flash it about, though.

The sheer, incomprehensible size of the universe is just one reason why I’m drawn to galaxy-inspired goods. The universe’s beauty is another thing that makes me want to buy everything I see with purple, red, blue and black intertwining swirls, as well. For my pleasure–and yours–here’s a roundup of some of my favorite galaxy-inspired fashion garments and accessories.