What I Love This Week: Gabourey Sidibe, Aveeno, Eugenia Kim, NuNAAT and The Budget Ecoist


1. People: Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe. No matter what you may think of the powerful new film “Precious”, there’s no denying the amazing talent of Gabourey Sidibe, who plays the lead character in the film. While she has impressive acting chops, what is even more impressive is how she is changing the concept of “what is beautiful” by her self-confidence and strong sense of self. She’s an “It-Girl”, who really deserves to be in the spotlight.

2. Beauty Product: Aveeno Positively Ageless Warming Scrub, $7.99 at Target.com. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT..No, seriously, I REALLY love this product. This water activated, self heating scrub exfoliates your skin without causing breakouts (hmmm, hello Philosophy) and it does it for less than $10 bucks.

3. Fashion: Eugenia Kim for Target. I’m a HUGE fan of Eugenia Kim’s line of accessories, especially her hats, which can often top $300+. As much as I may love her hats, I couldn’t physically bring myself to pay $300+ for one (or even $50 for that matter). Thank goodness for her Target collection, which will feature not only hats- but necklaces and other types of accessories. The collection launches April 2010.

4. Beauty: NuNAAT Chocolate Special Anti-Frizz Thermal Active Chocolate. I was frankly getting sick of the chocolate trend in beauty products. Why would I want a chocolate foot scrub? I love chocolate too much for it to be associated with my crusty feet. However, I do like the nuNAAT line of chocolate products, which look so much like caramel chocolate, that I was actually compelled to, ummm, taste a little. It’s not chocolate. But it’s an amazing line of hair products. My favorite is the Anti-Frizz Thermal Active Creme, which smells like heaven and projects my delicate strands from the harsh effects of my trusty flat iron.

5. Sites: The Budget Ecoist. We recently re-launched our green site, The Budget Ecoist, with a new look and awesome new content. The wonderful Paige, who writes the site along with yours truly, is truly a genius when it comes to helping you get your eco on, while on a budget. My favorite posts? How to reuse old ice cream containers and How to make your own dish detergent.

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  1. John King says

    I’ve seen excepts of the movie on TV, and interviews with the actress, and I hope she helps redefine the concept of beauty beyond Hollywood’s ‘cookie-cutter’.

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