Fur Vests, the Sheath Dress, and Dressing Plus-Sized: Daily Poll Wrap-Up


Fashion Week is in full force and so were your opinions in this week’s Daily Polls.  In case you missed out on the action, here’s what TBF’s community had to say:

~We know that many of our readers would rather “go naked” than wear fur, so it’s no surprise that you were less than thrilled with the new fur vest trend.  The majority (35%) said they will forgo this trend, since they believe it’s wrong to wear fur and it’s hard to be sure that so-called faux fur is really fake.  32% like the trend, but would only wear it with faux fur, while only 12% would sport the real thing.  Another 19% love the trend, but won’t be wearing it since they can’t afford genuine fur.

~Do you ever feel like you need to look like Gisele B

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