Fuel Economy: Green Tips

We love this picture. It reminds us that gas was once a source of freedom…ahhh, the open road! But now? Ugh. It’s like a chain around our ankle and it’s so bumming us out! So, listen…all ecoists talk about fuel economy. It’s amazing that it has finally become a topic of discussion in the main stream’s consciousness. But summer’s ’round the corner, and we all know which way gas prices go during summer. $4 per gallon is already being bandied about. It’s time to get extra serious about fuel economy.

Fuel economy just makes sense. Have you ever tracked the money you spend on gas during the month? Have you looked back at what you spent over the last year? How it goes up, up, up! If you haven’t tracked your gas budget before, you really should. Being budget-friendly starts with being honest about your spending. We know a lot of people who subscribe to the mindset of, “Why does it matter what it costs? I still need it.” We would like to humbly submit that we probably don’t need as much of it as we might initially believe. The time has come for ingenuity and creativity!

Can you imagine cutting out $100 of your gas budget in a month? Couldn’t that be money well-spent somewhere else? Couldn’t it be saved?

Here are some ideas on how to save gas. Hopefully you’re doing some of these. Can you do one more?

* Keeping your tires inflated to the recommended pressure can save you 3-5cents/gallon. Bonus: Your tires last longer.

* Don’t drive aggressively. Speeding, rapid acceleration and braking can lower gas mileage by as much as 33%, costing you as much as 49cents/gallon. Bonus: The love and appreciation of everyone you share the road with.

* Avoid idling. The cost of idling can be your whole tank of gas if you sit there all day! Idling gets you a whopping 0 miles/gallon. Bonus: Not spending your time waiting…

* Alternative modes of transportation (walking, bike riding) will save you proportionally to the amount of miles you opt not to drive. Bonus: Getting in shape.

* Drive the speed limit. Each 5 mph you drive over 60mph is like paying an additional 10cents/gallon. Bonus: Not letting the world pass you by.

As for this Ecoist, here’s my plan of attack:

*The weather is getting beautiful and it’s time to start walking or riding a bike whenever possible. Not just once in a while. Not just when I am not in a rush (when am I not in a rush?). It’s time for me to plan for alternative modes of transportation.

*I will actually check my tire pressure twice a month.

*I will bug my husband to get a new charger for the electric scooter we have, which will become my new sweet ride!

Anyone out there have any other good tips we could pull from? Share your plan of attack with us!

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