Frustration-Free Packaging: Go Green

We talk a lot about unnecessary packaging here; some say “harp” even. But apparently some of the big guys are listening.

Aaron over at Babble pointed us in the direction of Amazon, which has just released a list of toys that will be frustration-free on Christmas morning. That’s right, the impossible to rip open plastics, the little ties that wind up under the couch, sucked into a vacuum cleaner months later and straight into the landfill will all be removed before you give the gift to your favorite little ones. In fact, Amazon has gone the extra mile – the packaging for the toys on this frustration-free list won’t even be added at the manufacturer. If its tagged to be frustration-free (we really like saying that) they will be shipped to Amazon in the naked glory in which they were created.

Wonder what toys you can scoop up that won’t cause agita? Check out the list here. You’ve got every option from Hulk smash Hands to a Barack Obama action figure. That’s some serious gift list.

We’re hoping this practice catches on in a big way as everyone wins: it cuts down on shipping costs for the manufacturer, lets Amazon charge less money for the same reason and lets you get your hot little hands on toys that much faster.

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