Friday’s Web Round-Up

Mowing My Weeds: Why Buy When You Can Borrow? via Fake Plastic Fish – Beth, of Fake Plastic Fish, struggles with what to do about acquiring a push mower she knows she will rarely use (love the picture of her weeds that require mowing!). Why waste the funds buying new, when you can borrow?

Greenopia Launches Green Car Ratings Guide via Greenopia – With their Green Car Guide, Greenopia has gotten down to nitty-gritty, looking at the most efficient vehicles that meet a minimum criteria and selecting the best of the best (the good news is that they come in all kinds of price points and styles). Take a look.

Fair Beauty: The beauty brands supporting fair trade via Green My Style – While green beauty is proud about its organic and natural credentials, Green My Style provides some beauty brands doing their bit under fair trade principles, squarely and fairly.

Food Waste Reduction Challenge via Crunchy Chicken – $100 billion worth of edible food is discarded every year in the U.S. It’s a tremendous waste of resources and one that we are all guilty in contributing to. In an effort to waste less and save more, Crunchy Chicken started the Food Waste Reduction Challenge.

Top 100 Personal Finance Blog Rankings via Wise Bread – Wise Bread is a blog close to our hearts, focusing on “living large on a small budget.” This post is great for those out there focusing on budgets and finances. Find the best finance websites with Wise Breads new Top 100 Personal Finance Blog Rankings.

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