FREE- The Best Sites to Score Free Stuff

Nothing in life is free – or is it? When perusing the web for free stuff, you’ll find yourself in a never-ending abyss of half-truths. Sure, you can get a free $500 gift card to Macy’s – but first you have to subscribe to Netflix for five months! You know the drill. Well, there are some select freebie sites that not only feature 100% free attire and accessories, but also are easy to make sense of and navigate. We’re serious; no hidden costs, no selling your soul to the devil…just really cool, really free stuff.
This sounds-too-good-to-be-true site features four free pieces of sterling jewelry at a time, with new items popping up every 15 minutes or so. Rings, earrings, and pendants are the main offerings. And they’re truly free (besides the cost of shipping and handling, that is). The catch? Well, there really isn’t a catch. The jewelry manufacturers behind the site – – just hope you’ll fall in love with their craftsmanship, and spread the word to other would-be customers. Now that’s the kind of marketing we can all appreciate.
You could very well furnish your entire apartment for $0 with Craigslist. Narrow down to your city from the main home page, and check out the “free stuff.” Browse recent listings, or search for specific items of clothing. If you don’t mind hand-me-downs, then you’re liable to find some pretty amazing additions to your wardrobe here.
It’s the self-proclaimed Online Fashion Swap Party, where fashionistas from around the globe gather to give and get. Although you must pay $10 to join (in order to become ‘address verified’), using the site is totally free from then on. If you’ve got clothes you no longer want or need – and we’re fairly sure you do – then don’t give them away to Goodwill just yet. See if you can trade them in for something better here. Accessories, shoes, cosmetics, and general apparel are all available on the site.
Similar to Craigslist, the much-loved FreeCycle simply connects people who have stuff to give away to people who want stuff in the same communities.
It’s a super mixed bag here, but definitely worth checking out from time to time. From free sample packs of toiletries to free tacos at Jack In the Box, you just never know what you’re going to get – there is a “Sample Clothing” category you can investigate, but it’s slim pickings at the moment.
As you might have guessed, WeeklyFreebie has one batch of free offers per week. Maybe you’ll discover a free museum pass or set of Ziploc bags. There’s no telling what kinds of goodies you can score here, so check back every week if you’re dedicated to saving as much cash as possible.’s Freebie Gator
FreeMania is in its own right, a well-known freebie site, but its freebie aggregator – or “gator” – is especially handy. In a jiffy, find out what’s being give away on top sites like and Freebies 4 Mom.

Wal-Mart’s Sample Site
Saving you money – Wal-Mart’s at it again! Right now, you can try to quit smoking for free (with a sample of Nicorette gum) or smell good, specifically like Bodycology’s Raspberries & Cream Body Lotion, for free. For a store as diverse as Wal-Mart, it’s a clever idea to keep checking its sample site.’s Sample Center
This is a great find if you’re looking to give a few new perfumes or lotions a try, but all kinds of beauty products are featured here.
Just about every day, this site is updated with a hefty hodgepodge of freebies, samples, and even sweepstakes. Very well regarded among the Internet’s top bargain hunters, FreakyFreddies may not always offer up complimentary beauty products or apparel, but there’s probably at least one item per week that you’d buy anyways.
While there’s nothing particularly unique about this site, it’s one of the first and most trust-worthy of its kind, and it’s updated frequently.

What freebie sites can you add to this list?