Free Shipping Day- Dec. 16

Oh man-made “holidays.”  Yep, we’re talking about Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and now Free Shipping Day.

On Dec. 16 at 12am EST, over 2,300 retailers will participate in Free Shipping Day, which allows last minute shoppers to nab presents and goodies without being penalized with ginormous shipping fees.  Shipping is, you guessed it, free, and many retailers are offering additional discounts on top of the free shipping.

Everyone wins, no?  ”We knew large stores appreciate the opportunity, but we’ve also heard from many small business owners who are grateful for the exposure next to big names like JcPenney Free Shipping Day  Dec. 16 and Lands’ End,” said event found Luke Knowles.

The NY Times called Free Shipping Day as ”one of the greatest made-up holidays of modern times.”  Procrastinating shoppers, do you agree?