Free Paris Hilton Underwear at Mio Destino

Hmmm… I could care less about Paris Hilton and her three week incarceration, but I do care about helping women. 50% of proceeds from the sale of these “Free Paris” undergarments go to benefit the organization Ovarian Cancer Action.  For me this is a yea on the charity and a big nay on the concept. Am I the only one tired of Paris and gang?

Yea or Nay: Free Paris Hilton Underwear, 25 pounds (around $45 USD)  at Mio Destino

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  1. christal says

    Again, the idea is good but…Let’s say if I had done what she did I would do more than 23 days.  I wish they could have put something else there but b/c of today’s celebrity crazed world they will sell.

  2. Jessica says

    It’s a crying shame that such an important cause is using a degenarate such as Paris Hilton to help out millions of women in need. Can’t we think of something else to help??  I can’t even begin to describe how much I hate this girl….she has to be one of the laziest, most selfish and self-centered, irresponsible, immature, ignorant, bratty, spoiled, stupid, people ever to walk God’s green earth.  It’s beyond disgusting that this brat gets a lighter sentence for doing something that could have cost an innocent person’s life.  I say throw her to the dogs and let her rot in hell.

  3. Amanda says

    They’re cute.  The cause is terrific.  Unfortunately, in general, when anyone sees my underwear, the last thing I want them thinking about is Paris Hilton…

  4. Manasvi says

    NAY! I’ll donate the money I’d spend on the panties. Where I live, a DUI can make someone lose a government job. The CFA degree, which
    less than 10-15% of people actually pass to get the degree, that can be taken away because of a DUI. Jail paris and show the world that rich heiress’s can’t get themselves out of the common man’s dilemma because of money or beauty.

  5. Amy says

    I think it’s a really cute and kind of funny idea (and I love the fact that it’s for a good cause), but I’m sick of hearing about Paris!!! She made her bed and now she has to lie in it!

  6. monica says

    Nay,Nay, NAy!!! I wouldn’t wear those panties if they were free. That’s just how much I’m tired of Paris Hilton.

  7. Robin says

    I am, once again, stunned at the amount of attention and adoration showered upon Paris Hilton. What has she contributed to society that warrants this response?  She is a skinny,spoiled rich girl with fake hair color and fake eye color whose claim to fame other than rich parents is starring in a sleazy porn video and an inane TV show.  Now she’s added drunk driving to her list of accomplishments and yet celebrity freaks will pay for underwear with her name on it???? If she had hit another car and killed an innocent person, would you still proudly buy and wear her products? If you want to help the cause of ovarian cancer, give money to the American Cancer Society in honor of someone more deserving than Paris Hilton.

  8. megan says

    My first reaction was wow those are hot, but then i wanted to gag because ewwwwww who wants a video porn star, dumb sociallites name who deserves to be in jail name on your rear end!!!!!!!!!

    find better ways to help cure ovaraian cancer!

  9. manasvi says

    needless to say, I don’t even think shes pretty. yeah, your emaciated. That makes you sooo hot! puh leese

  10. Xsyntriq says

    Cute undies.

    Excellent cause.

    Lousy idea b/c of the celeb they chose.

    Even if they came in my size (all the big-booty ladies in the house say HEEYYYY!!), I wouldn’t get them because I don’t appreciate the lifestyle and attitudes she represents.

  11. KatieM says

    NAAY!!! First, $45.00 on ONE pair of panties? Second Paris only spent 3 days in jail.  They sent her home because she wasn’t feeling good.  Third, you can buy a pair that sez “Jail Paris” as well, but I agree with Amanda, if I spent $45.00 on a pair of panties, the very last thing I would want my man to think about is that skanky porn chick.

    A ridiculous campaign by Mio Destino and it was only 3 days long.  What a waste.

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