How to Score Outlet Mall Coupon Books for Free

I’m probably going to get banned from outlets malls for saying this . . .

Get Outlet Mall Coupon Books for Free

Never, ever, EVER, purchase the little coupon books for outlet malls. First, it is really ridiculous to make you pay for something that actually encourages you to spend more money. Second, you can get them FREE by logging onto their websites.

Most outlet malls, like the Chelsea Premium Outlets (owners of Woodbury Commons), allow you to print out a coupon to get the coupon book. If you are shopping with more than one person, make sure you print out coupons with their names on it. For some reason the outlet people can be quite stingy with the coupon books.

Some outlets even have a special VIP club, which offers special deals and coupons to their members. The catch is that you need to register an email address. These coupons are not available in the regular coupon book, so if you’re planning a major shopping day, then it’s worth it to sign up for the newsletter. Create a special shopping email account on gmail that you use for all of your shopping newsletters, coupon offers, etc. This will help you keep track of the deals as well as keeps your email clear of SPAM.