Try This Free 30-Minute Holiday Workout Routine

Despite being a firm believer that being “too busy” is an excuse, not a fact, there’s nothing like the holiday season to put priorities to the test. Luckily, I also know that no matter how many presents need to be wrapped, outfits matched, and sweet goodies baked and bagged, there will always be 30 minutes somewhere.

And with this 30-minute “do-anywhere” holiday workout routine built from from my favorites from around the net, the holidays never tasted so sweet without worrying about fitting in to your next party dress!

Stay Fit This Winter Without Spending a Dime with This Free Holiday Workout!

Minutes: 0-11, Warm Up.  Thanks to Santa Monica’s fitness guru TMAC, I’m obsessed with this muscle-engaging, heart-starting workout kick off. Also, the ahem…view from on top of one of TMAC’s favorite hikes will surely make for a nice little winter escape (playlist included)! Start with squats, knee tucks, high knees, and other seriously warming moves, your sweat will know it’s just getting started…

Minutes 12-13, Jog in place.

Minutes 14-20, Alternate 45 Seconds Of Each: Walking lunges. Push-ups (modified if you can’t repeat the regular ones). Speeding skating. Twisting planks.

Minutes 21-22, Jumping jacks.

Minutes 23-28, Abs: Keeping a firm belly will help with posture, portion control, and your overall “fit” look. In just five minutes, you’ll get it done thanks to Self Magazine‘s Five Minute Ab Workout.

Minutes 29+, Stretch. A workout is pointless if you don’t relieve your muscles so they can begin to repair and build strength. Todd offers a great cool-down that lasts fifteen minutes – and while you should aim for all fifteen, do what you can fit in!

…And that’s it! You’ve done your 30 minutes for today. It’s such a great stress relief and tool for mind and body focus, it’s totally fine (and recommended) to do it a few times a day!

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