Free Books for Fellow Bloggers

Thanks to everyone who read my first book, How to Be a Budget Fashionista,  and posted a review. I REALLY appreciate it, especially the support from long time readers of the blog and fellow bloggers.  I made a personal commitment to taking a “blogroots” approach to getting the word out about the book.

If you write a blog and would like to receive a copy of the book to review, please contact me with the name of your blog and url, and postal address. All I ask is that if you request a book that you actually review it


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  1. TBF says

    Thanks Judy-

    I really truly appreciate your comments. I have so much respect for my readers and fellow bloggers and I hope it comes through in the blog. It’s truly a privilege to have people read and value your opinions and thoughts.

  2. Judy says

    Kathryn:  I really admire your entrepenurial spirit. It’s one of the many reasons WHY I read your blog.

    I just got your book am enjoying it very much because it blends sensible financial advice with fun fashion tips.  When I am finished I would be happy to post a review on Amazon.

    Best of luck with all you do!

  3. says

    I know you probably won’t send one to the UK especially since my blog is so recent but I just want to say how much I loved your first book – it proved invaluable on a trip to the US and is a must for anyone on a stateside shopping trip
    Thank You!

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