Fragrances are Irritating Sometimes – Literally

What: Apparently, 74% of women will experience an allergic reaction to a fragrance in their lifetime. Since perfumes don’t list out every single little ingredient – so as to not give away secret formulas and whatnot – there’s a lot that can slip under the radar. If you’re afraid of irritation, it’s natural to want to go more natural and invest in organic scents. However, it’s not always that easy, as many organic fragrances really aren’t all that organic.

What They Say:

Because the organic beauty industry isn’t subject to the same legislation as the food industry, there is still a lot of “greenwashing” out there,’ says Josephine Fairley, co-author of The Green Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide To Being Naturally Gorgeous.

What We Say: If you’ve got sensitive skin, we’d love to hear about what you wear – assuming they don’t give you an allergic reaction. What are some of your favorite perfumes that are easy on the skin?

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