The Fight to Save Forth and Towne

If you love Forth and Towne… It’s now time to speak up…

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According to my sources at Gap Inc, the company is closing the career wear oriented stores not because of poor sales (in fact the stores have been doing very well), but BECAUSE GAP AND OLD NAVY ARE NOT DOING WELL and investors feel that rather than growing a successful brand, they will continue to put money in the ones that are failing….


Gap Inc. is closing the Forth & Towne chain that was supposed to help the struggling retailer sell more clothes to older women, aborting the 18-month expansion so management can concentrate on reviving the company’s more established brands.

Okay this just doesn’t make sense to me.. maybe it’s because I’m a shopper not an economist. If a store is doing well, better than your other stores, it would seem that it would be a concept worth investing in.  Forth and Towne is perhaps the only place to find affordable work wear for women sizes 2-20. The quality is much better than Ann Taylor Loft and even Ann Taylor itself. It is definitely more stylish than Coldwater Creek or J.Jill or Talbots.  I bet you that the average sale at the store was significantly higher than that at the Gap and Old Navy.

Then there’s the assumption that their “more established brands”, are even worth saving. The $40 million total invested in Forth and Towne by Gap, Inc is less than 1/4th what the store spent on ads for Old Navy stores, yet the stores were performing much better than the other stores.  What reason do you need to shop at the Gap, when you can find the same thing for less at Old Navy? Why do you need to go to Old Navy when you can buy similar (sometimes better) quality clothing at Target or Wal-Mart?

As a final farewell, I made the track up to the brand’s flagship West Nyack Store and every woman.. I mean EVERY woman, who entered the store expressed saddest over it’s closing. Maybe the Gap should listen to it’s customers and not youth centered marketers and press who have NEVER been in an actual Forth and Towne store.