Formal Table Settings: Look for Less

When you think about the phrase “disappearing act” you probably envision some sort of trick performed by the handsome Houdini David Blaine. What doesn’t come to mind is formal entertaining.

In a recent article by Sarah Dennis of Toast and Tables (an inspirational site for those in the entertaining industry), the art of dining formally at home is a dying breed. The days of eating with your family for a fancy holiday meal or even a casual make-your-own pizza night, are passé. The new standards? A quick pick-up at your local fast food joint or a fancy-shmancy (and likely overpriced) meal at the place du jour.

But with the economy in tatters, and everyone being urged to pinch their pennies, we’re suggesting a return to the days of yore. Why not, as Sarah suggests, bust out your fancy china and dine-in? You’ll save money by forgoing meals out, and you’ll learn a new trick-of-the-royal trade. (Who knows, maybe one day you’ll even be able to impress a hot prince like Harry with your table manners.)

Check out these easy-to-follow images to learn how to do it yourself.

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