Forever 21 Plus Size Line “Faith21″ Now Available Online

What: Forever 21’s new plus size line (finally), called Faith 21, is now available online at

Why You Should Care: Previously, the pickins’ at the budget fav was slim to none for those who wear a size 12 or higher. Now sistas with a bit more back (and front) can score the same fashionable finds as our slimmer friends. The drawback? The selection is small and the cut is Junior Plus Size, meaning the fit is 1 to 2 sizes smaller than the size you wear at a store like Lane Bryant.

Some of Our Picks

1. Botanical Floral Chiffon Blouse, $19.90
2. Floral Stain Evening Dress, $27.80
3. Lace Trim Top, 17.80
4. Triple Block Knit Dress $22.80

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