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  1. EmilyKennedy says

    Hrm.  Good question.  I browse their website frequently because of seemingly the constantly updated content.  However, I can’t say I completely love the aesthetic showcased in their models: childlike, rail-thin appearance, usually dressed in a strangely high empire waist, looking grumpily into the camera, with few exceptions.  I do not aspire to look like that.  So I come away thinking that I’m able to find stuff I like, because I dig through their pages, not because the generic F21 look really appeals to me.  Methinks: no magazine.

  2. elderberry says

    I don’t like/can’t wear the F21 clothes. I do find nice outwear for myself and I bought a ton of camis for $2.50 each. I bought for my daughter, one sister and myself.  My sister can stand to go into the stores so I have to go for her.
    My daughter shops at F21 but like EmilyKennedy she doesn’t ascribe to the grumpy two year old look. 
    F21 is great for accessories, cheap but can really pull together an outfit. 
    I’d read their magazine but I don’t tweet.

  3. shoffhaus2 says

    I like the disposable prices for disposable fashion.  Their clothes are not likely to become fashion classics.

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