The FoHo Look: Don’t Throw Away Your Broomskirts


What: Foho, aka Boho Part Deux. the hot “new” trend for late summer/early fall.

The look: Combines the Bohemian look (broomskirts, “ethnic” jewelry, embroidered tops) with modern accessories like the the latest metallic “It” bag or hot new shoe.  Nothing says “hippie” more than a $2000 handbag.

What the fashion heads say:“Foho” is about a more understated, eclectic mix, fusing classic Boho elements – Seventies silhouettes, crochet trims and trippy hippie prints – with more subtle folk pieces, such as washed-out denim and traditional embroideries. Crucially, it also throws in something modern like a great big shiny It-bag or über-cool trainers. It’s cooler and far more authentic than Boho and owes more to the original folk look of the Seventies.

What I say: Been there, done that, and, I must admit, will do it again- except with a $25 purse from Target.

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  1. Anusha says

    Why is this considered “new”? Haven’t spoiled rich celebrities been sporting the boho look with super-expensive “ethnic”-style clothes since, like, the 60s?

    That said, I adore the boho look because it fits my personality and I can get unique boho clothes and accessories for cheap pretty much anywhere (from the local Ross to wherever I travel, esp. the Indian subcontinent area, where I’m from). You don’t need to spend a fortune to dress that way.

    Weren’t those original hippie/boho clothes supposed to be inexpensive (and/or secondhand) *anyway*?

    On the other hand, it’s kind of cool that clothes you can get for cheap at the fleamarket are now considered part of the Hot New Look, and very glamorous (LOL)! Not that that’s a new thing, but still …

  2. Manasvi says

    I love the Foho look. I like it because I get to keep my expensive outlining pieces like shoes and purses. This is my fall style. Always has been.

  3. lulu says

    Ethnic and exotic clothes and jewlery can be really, really sexy and look very expensive, so I don’t think they’ve ever truly went out of the style. And the look pictured is pretty, comfortable and very natural and effortless, like someone said. Nothing wrong with that!

  4. says

    I also don’t think Foho is anything new, regardless of what the Daily Telegraph says. For me, Foho means “faux boho,” meaning storebought, brand-new boho clothings and accessories. And as somewhat said, that’s been done 4ever. It’s for people who want the look, not the bohemian lifestyle. That said, I’ll still be wearing it!

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