Flip & Tumble’s 24-7 bag: Product Review

What: Paige puts Flip & Tumble’s 24-7 bag, $12, to the test.

The Lowdown: About two weeks ago I went to visit a friend. She had just arrived home from the grocery store before my arrival and next to her front door was a mixture of canvas bags and Trader Joe’s reusable bags, strewn across the floor.  How familiar that site was to me! We started discussing the issues of reusable bags; mainly reusable bags and small homes. Were both hugely in favor of the environment and happy to trade reusable bags for the convenience of paper or plastic, even if it does mean storing them in the small space between our refrigerator and counter tops. The bigger issue? Planning for our shopping outings.  Nothing upsets me more (ok, well, except politics which are obviously on the mind at this time of year) than being out running errands and realizing it would be easy to stop at whatever locale I need to go and pick some things up last minute.  Why is this upsetting?  Because I don’t have my freaking bags on me!


Alas! Flip & Tumble arrives only days after this conversation and suddenly I am flipping and tumbling and smiling all the way to the store! Flip & Tumble’s 24-7 bag is designed to conveniently fit into your purse, backpack, cup-holder, wherever! At 3” diameter (when tumbled) it fits most anywhere.  For the past week I’ve been bringing it along for the ride and here’s what I’ve learned: It’s comfortable to carry, it appears flimsy at first but is actually quite strong. Their website claims it can carry 20 pounds.  I put it to the test several times and it passed with flying colors. And the best part? It’s convenient.  I love tumbling it and keeping it in my purse.

Yea or Nay: Oh heck ya! Like kismet or the universe answering my pleas, this little bag came into my life at exactly the right time.  If you’re like me, always on the go and dedicated to reusable bags, Flip & Tumble’s 24-7 bag might be the answer for you as well. 

Buy it: @ Flip & Tumble

Image courtesy of flipandtumble.com

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