Flexitarians: Kind of Going Green

We’ve talked here before about cutting down on your meat to save the environment. Going whole hog and only eating veg is a better solution, but not always the answer for people who just can’t leave behind the pepperoni.

There’s a movement with a catchy name for those people who are working towards being vegetarians but still have the occasional spot of animal. Treehugger introduced us to flexitarians (flexible meets vegetarian) and how their thought process works. A flexitarian is someone who is trying to increase their vegetarian diet but occasionally eats meat. Treehugger points out this is not the veg that gives up meat for moral reasons as that kind of ambiguity just will not fly. And neither should their lunch. But for those who are trying to improve their health and their environment, there are a few guidelines for the flex. Which is a tad oxymoronic, but still…

When eating meat always go organic and local, stopping at the butcher instead of the A&P. Consider meat a side dish rather than the big honking main course. And it should also go without saying, but, um we’re totally saying it – don’t eat fish on the endangered list.

So, how many of you out there can identify with being a flexitarian? Or do you think it’s simply a fancy way of saying “cheater?” Tell us what’s up in comments!

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