Five Uses for Potatoes: Budget Food Tip

The humble spud. A steakhouse staple and frequent side dish at holiday dinners, the baking potato has more uses than you might think. Here are five not-so-common ways to use this common ingredient.

Pick up glass. The next time you need to pick up shattered or broken glass, try slicing a potato in half, then slide and blot it along the surface to pick up any small shards (use a flashlight to better see any small pieces).

Soak up excess salt. A salty soup or stew can be saved by sticking in a peeled raw potato for a few minutes; the potato will soak up some of the excess salt.

Light bulb remover.
If you’ve broken a light bulb within the lamp socket, you can easily remove the broken part with a potato. Simply cut a potato in half, push it into the bulb base, and twist it out. Be sure to unplug the light fixture first.

Make a stamp.
Rubber stamping is a popular trend nowadays, but if you don’t want to invest in a collection of stamps or just want a stamp for a certain occasion, use a potato. Slice the potato in half, draw the desired shape on the potato, and carve away the negative space (don’t cut out the shape itself). Use it to stamp your own greeting cards, wrapping paper or other items.

Start a plant.
Store white or red potatoes in a cool, dark place until the “eyes” (little indentations on the potato skin) sprout, sending up a leafy stem. Cut off the top of the potato and plant it in a pot filled with potting soil, with the sprouted eye above the soil level. Water and place it in a sunny spot.

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